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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Insanity month 2

Throughout month one of insanity I was pushing myself hard and the workouts were tough. Anyone out there that has done the insanity programme by beachbody will know what I am talking about.

Bring on month 2 is what I was thinking at the beginning of the year.
Month 2 day one kicks off with a fitness test - nothing new there. And I am happy to say I smashed it, except for the last exercise but I had a wardrobe malfunction with that one (my shorts were too tight for me to get my legs to where I needed them! Hahaha!)

Then Beachbody decided to follow this up with an hour long max integral session. Ouch, it was hard work, I had to dig deep and I needed a lot of water to get me through it. The programme created by Shaun T is hard, seriously hard but it is so satisfying when you complete them.

I still recommend this programme thoroughly. As soon as I complete it I will post my before and after photos, the jury can then decide if all this hard work was worth it.

Happy New Year everyone and good luck with the training!

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