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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

This is getting serious now

I think I am turning into a fitness nut!
I have always had an addictive personality and would describe myself as an all or nothing type of person. Nothing has changed when it has come to my new found love of fitness.

It started with wanting to shift weight for my wedding, what a great motivator to lose weight; wanting to look good for my wife, look good in my photos and wanting to look good for myself.

It has really evolved since then though. This has not just been a fad. I have changed my diet, bought the insanity programme, bought a fitbit one (got it yesterday), gone for fun runs, signed up to boxing classes .... the list goes on!

My diet is much better now than it ever has been. I am conscious of what I put into my body, without being a hard and fast calorie counter. I now eat 5 regular meals a day, always eat considerable amounts of veg and I avoid processed food like the plague.

Insanity has been an eye opener. It is seriously intense, pushes you beyond what you thought you could achieve and has really pushed my fitness levels up. I am getting back to what I looked like when I was in my teens, which was a much healthier, slimmer, fitter me.
Insanity really isn't for the faint hearted, it'll make you work so hard you think you are going to vomit (I haven't yet but I have a strong constitution). But, if like me, you want results then insanity is a great programme to follow.

The fitbit one is a new addition to my fitness regime. I bought it as I wanted to be able to track my performance better with the use of more accurate data. It is a great piece of kit, user friendly, easy to set up and I have been really impressed with it so far.
I have also synced it with my fitness pal, which I was using last year. I can now track my calories eaten, my nutritional breakdown as well as my activity during the day.
It also lets me pit myself against other fitbit users and given that I am also really competitive, I imagine I will love this aspect of it!

Fitbit users in London be warned, I will be at the top of the leader boards in no time!

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