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Friday, 28 December 2012


Everyone has seen the commercials, the before and after pictures and the many testimonials of people who have taken on the insanity challenge to come out the other side with a physique to be proud of.

After a lot of deliberation and a little cynicism, I decided to purchase the beachbody product 'insanity' by Shaun T.

From a customer experience perspective, the company is run well. The product arrived quickly and was as described.

From a fitness perspective; it is hard work, but it is supposed to be. I am about 25 days in so far and can see some results. Whilst the scales only show that I have shifted 5lbs, I can feel the biggest difference in my fitness levels. Most notably, I went for a run the other day and it was the most enjoyable run I have ever been on. It was a great feeling to be able to push myself but still have so much energy to compete the distance.

So far I would have to say I am happy with insanity. The diet plan is easy to follow and the food that comes out of it is really tasty.

I will continue to write articles on insanity and will be more than happy to recommend it of I get the results I am expecting. It is a little early to tell at the moment but it is Christmas and my diet hasn't been as strict as it should be!

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  1. Insanity is just that. Insane. Beachbody has some of the best programs around. I started with Slim in 6, then moved on too the Slim Series and currently doing my 2nd round of P90x. I may buy Les Mills Pump next!