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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Which supplement should I choose?

To get the results I wanted I did a lot of research into the supplements you can take that aid your progress. If truth be told, I spent hours researching. In this section I will share with you my research and the results I gained from taking supplements. 

Before you invest your money in buying a supplement there are a few things you want to find out. This naturally depends on which type of supplement you are going to buy. If we take protein supplements for example the list might look like this; 

  • How much does it cost?
  • How many grams of protein is in it per serving? 
  • How many servings are in it per unit bought?
  • How easy does it mix? 
  • Does it taste nice? 
I'll break this down further:

Like pretty much everything out there, the better products are 'reassuringly expensive' and this is no different with protein shakes. Every review I read on protein powders leaned towards the more expensive products. The reviews that clinched it for me, in suggesting that I should invest in the higher end products, were those written by students who were willing to invest the little money they had in the more expensive products.

Considering it is a protein shake, you want to know how much protein is in each serving. The amount varies significantly from brand to brand so you need to check the nutritional values. The protein shake that I invested in has 53g of protein per serving.

You will also want to know how long it will last for. A lot of supplements in the market are bought in units of 2kg or 5kg. The product I bought came in 5kg tubs and last approximately 3 months. At least I can now work out the total annual cost and determine if I am happy investing that amount of money. 

Mix-ability is really important as you want one that will mix well and easily. You don't want a shake that is difficult to mix in a protein shaker (I'll review these another time) and you don't want a shake that will be grainy. 

The taste element is really important and it doesn't just come down to the flavour you buy. It is a fact that not all products taste nice and whilst you might be thinking 'I'm not buying it for the flavour, I'm buying it to reach my goal', you want to be sure to buy something you can stomach. I drink a protein shake after each workout, each shake is almost a pint (500ml) in volume, I want to make sure I enjoy drinking it. When researching your protein shake for flavour, make sure you look out for anyone who had to add milk, fruit or ice-cream to improve the taste. 

Throughout the rest of the supplements blog I will review other supplements I use (flax seed oil, L-Carnitine tablets and fat burners). I will also review protein shakers - not a straight forward purchase. I hope my protein  powder review helps you decide if a product is for you. Feel free to add a comment if it does.

Get Fit 4 Good does not have doctors on staff, and the advice found on this blog is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult a doctor before beginning any exercise or nutrition program. 

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